For use with system and combi boilers as a new install with smart features. Control heating remotely via the Hive app. Geolocation and app control enable heating alerts and commands to Hive anytime, anywhere. Features include daily heating schedules and holiday mode to ensure heating is on prior to returning to the property or as and when required. Automatic frost protection. Can be installed on gas or LPG systems, oil boilers and certain electric boilers. Hub included.

Ideal Halo (only suitable for ideal boilers)

The Ideal Halo is a programmable room thermostat specifically designed to work with your customers’ Ideal boilers, providing simple and easy heating and hot water control. Connecting Halo to an Ideal boiler provides users with a thermostat that’s stylish, intelligent and simple to control.


1,2,3 or 4-zone timeswitch with 3 x operating modes. Ideal for controlling a boiler in a central heating system.