Gas Boiler Installation and Replacement Services

Leading your way with the exceptional Gas Boiler Installation and Replacement Services in Ireland with our experts from, The Boiler Company. Our main motive is to serve our customers with the promising, secure and reliable gas boiler servicing.

We have seen various customers facing trouble with their boilers due to many reasons. Thus, we want them to provide flexible and efficient gas boiler servicing so that they can live peacefully.

We offer various services under Gas Boiler Services

Gas Boiler Servicing

Our team of registered technicians is here to service your gas boiler error-free and in a proper working condition. Our team will happily show your boiler works, before leaving. We also perform Gas Boiler Installation, and Gas Boiler Repairing services.

Our services encompass-

  • Examining the functioning of the gas boiler
  • Check the valve of a gas with a flue analyzer for efficient combustion.
  • Check out the gas tightness for leaks if any, controls and electrics of the boiler
  • Remove the boiler casing to inspect the working of all the components.
  • Check the gas pressure to make certain the pressure is as it should be

After completion of the gas boiler servicing, our engineers will recheck the working of the boiler and also for pressure checks, they will check all your gas appliances to ensure safety.

Gas Boiler Installation Service

If your gas boiler is likely to be used for a long time, then now is the time for you to replace the low-efficiency gas boiler with the high-efficiency smart saving gas boiler. To ensure that your heating system is functioning efficiently, and your boiler is reliable during winters.

Installation of new and highly efficient gas boilers will save the fuel and improve its efficiency. It will not let your hopes down during the summer or winter season. Even in the summer season you can use the gas boiler for various heating water for baths and other household activities.

We provide Gas Boiler Installation Servicing in domestic and commercial areas and the cost of it depends on location to location. If you reside in Dublin, then the cost of gas boiler installation will range from €71.96 monthly.

Our technician's expertise in gas boiler servicing will help you to choose the right model for installation.

Gas Boiler Repairing Service

Gas Boiler Repairing Service is required if your boiler starts creating unavoidable issues and is problematic to use. Thus, your gas boiler needs repairing earlier before it causes some major damage.

  • Inspection of all the controls and electrics for safety
  • Repairing the gas valves
  • Maintenance and repairing of switch
  • Needs of combustion air
  • Repairing pipelines if needed
  • Inspecting and repairing expansion tank
  • Expansion tank inspection and repair

If you face issues like flooding of water in boiler, controls or burner, then we suggest you to not operate the boiler as it can lead to fire explosion or electric shocks that can cause injuries or deaths. Thus, before operating it to check, consult with our highly-knowledgeable engineers.

Why is Gas Boiler Servicing Beneficial?

Gas Boiler Servicing is beneficial for proper maintenance and friendly working of your gas boiler. Here are some mentioned benefits that Gas Boiler Servicing provides-

  1. Servicing your gas boiler will increase the efficiency of combustion and will restore the required amount of gas which will save on bills.
  2. Regular servicing of your gas boiler will be inexpensive in comparison to repairing, or replacing old and installing new gas boilers.
  3. For the safety and security of your home and your family members from carbon monoxide poisoning, your gas boiler needs to get serviced annually. This way you can keep the risk factor aside and can maintain the boiler.

Why Choose Us?

Gas Boiler Services in Ireland can be best served by our highly qualified and professional OFTEC technicians who provide service with all the safety and security of the customer and perform the work under regulations. As well, our engineers are available for their customers with respect to the timing given by them. Thus, get your gas boiler servicing done with tremendous assistance by our technicians.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our technical experts will guide you to choose the right model specific to your location. They will help you in installing the branded and unerring gas boiler with proper safety and in particular to all the regulations.
It completely depends on the defective gas valve that releases pressure. This causes the low pressure which affects the working of the boiler further.
The reason behind frequent turning off of your boiler depends on the low water pressure.
Yes, definitely you can get your boiler repaired if it gets damaged for once. But if your boiler needs frequent repairs then I suggest you go for replacement of your gas boiler instead of repairing it often.
It will take up to 45minutes to 1 hour in total. Our engineers will serve you with the best gas boiler servicing and later they will hand over you the gas safety certificate mentioning the checklist of the gas boiler services given by them.