Oil Boiler Installation and Replacement Services

The boiler company is the safest boiler service in Ireland offering safe, reliable and efficient oil boiler servicing. Irregular maintenance of your boiler leads to poorer combustion of fuel and unexpected breakdowns. To avoid such losses, we suggest you get your oil boiler serviced once a year for smooth working.

We offer various services under Oil Boiler Servicing

Oil Boiler Services

For regular functioning of your oil boiler, you should hire an OFTEC engineer who will examine all the components and will check the cautious and efficient working of your system.

What services come under Oil Boiler Servicing?
  • Examining the boiler, pipes and oil tanks to act in accordance with current regulations.
  • Cleansing and replacement of oil filters if required.
  • Monitoring and tidying out the flue.
  • Combustion is tested by flue gas analyser.
  • Boiler casing is removed and internal components such as heat exchanger and burner are cleaned.
  • Boiler nozzle is replaced.
  • Safety systems like Thermostats, pressure relief valves and burner lockout devices are efficiently tested for flexible functioning and to ensure safety.
  • Rechecking of the boiler whether it is working well.

Once the oil boiler servicing is served, our technicians leave customers' houses clean and organized. Also, they will hand-over the checklist in which services performed by the engineers are mentioned.

Existing Oil Boiler Replacement and Installation of new Oil Boiler

Frequent repairing of your oil boiler system or facing unwanted and unavoidable issues with your boiler like inappropriate breakdown of boiler components, production of leaks or corrosion, and higher fuel bills, is a completely hectic situation, we suggest you replace your existing oil boiler or installation of new oil boiler.

We provide domestic boiler replacement services that could save your fuel cost and result in high performance for a prolonged time. Our highly qualified team of engineers will perform the installation of branded new high efficiency oil boilers at an affordable price.

The cost of installing new oil boilers ranges from €93.89 monthly, depending on the type of branded boiler and the location you prefer. The cost of new oil boiler installation varies from home to home.

We promise to install durable, reliable and highly efficient oil boilers within a given timeframe.

While replacing the oil boiler you should know:

Type of boiler

  • - Type of Fuel
  • - Usage of hot water
  • - Enough space at your home

Oil Boiler Repairing

Mechanical assets will break down after a specific time-period. And oil boilers are the same as other mechanical devices. Thus, save your money and time by granting oil boiler repairing service for your system instead of getting it replaced.

If you face wear and tear of boiler parts, then our highly knowledgeable engineers are there to serve you. They will diagnose all your problems in no time and assist if repairs are possible.

Our tech-friendly boiler fixers have a vast knowledge of a variety of models.

We deliver services in accordance with your time and days and do not charge any extra amount specific to weekends. Thus, without giving a second thought you can opt out for Oil Boiler Repairing services near you by our qualified and experienced engineers.

Why Oil Boiler Servicing is Beneficial?

The regular maintenance of your oil boiler system serves various benefits-

  1. Regular servicing of your oil boiler will result in less fuel consumption to maintain the regular temperature.
  2. Safety matters when it comes to leakage in fuel tanks or rusting of boiler components. Thus, it is required to allow the engineers to check your boiler and repair it wherever required.
  3. The unlikely breakdown of your boiler parts results in something dangerous, and while checking out the boiler system our technicians get an instinct that some parts of your boilers are not likely to perform further. Thus, they prefer the replacement of those parts instead of getting the whole oil boiler system replaced.

Why Choose Us?

We are experts in Oil Boiler Servicing and have OFTEC well trained and registered technicians. We will ensure safety and proper maintenance of your boiler. You can rely on our technicians and if any replacement is needed, we will update you during our servicing. We promise to deliver inexpensive and professional assistance to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For booking Oil Boiler Service, you can do it by emailing us at info@theboilerco.ie or call us on 01 524 0711
Yes. New oil boilers consist of the latest boiler parts which are unused and function efficiently.
No. It depends on how your oil boiler system functions. If it needs frequent repairing, then you should go for replacement. And, if some of the boiler parts needs to be replaced then look for partial replacement instead of complete boiler replacement.
If you want to install a new Oil Boiler System, then you should decide on the type of boiler and the location where you want it to get installed. If you need help deciding you can always contact us and one of our staff would be more than happy to help.
Oil Boiler Servicing is important to make your boiler system functions efficiently, reduction in fuel bills, better performance of all the boiler parts. Because, over time your boiler might face leakages which might affect safety systems.